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“Dedicated to my grandmother, Princess Fabiola Massimo and to my grandfather, Baron Enzo Galli-Zugaro“

Terramater Identity

Our Family Crest

I chose to display my family's heraldic crests as part of the logo to serve as reminder for myself and those close to me of who we are and where we come from. I wanted to create a memory which I hope will live on for a long time, tied to our roots and the places we have lived amd cherished.

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A Tribute

A Tribute to Our Roots

Terra Mater was born as a tribute to our roots.

While we could talk about our long family history and our expertise in the realm of luxury and travel, our story focuses more on what matters most to us, impressing your guests.

We wanted to portray the beauty and elegance of Italy through a line of products that harness the power of natural ingredients and transport your guests to the majestic locations which inspired us, while still curating that cozy and familiar feeling that will make them feel at home.

Mission Image
Mission Image

Wherever your establishment may be located, Terra Mater was created to fit the needs of guests all over the world. From rustic ski lodges to penthouse suites, our subtle variations in packaging and design will leave a lasting impression on every guest.

We look forward to working together with you to provide a memorable experience for your guests from the moment they begin their stay until they leave.

Should this not be enough for you, our inhouse team of designers and cosmetics experts are able to draw up a custom line of amenities inspired by your establishment’s brand at the highest standard.

recycled rubber

Friulane Slippers

Unique very luxury slippers made with recycled rubber and finest canvas. Stitched by hand on the sole with all the lines of stitching crossing the sole from the toes to the heel. Logo embroidered on the front of the slippers and on the shoe bag made with the same fabric of the slippers.

Mission Image
Mission Image
natural ingredients

Kids Amenities

Italtrim has developed in Italy the most complete collection of bespoken products for children.All the products are made with natural ingredients, and animal cruel free. The products are anti allergenic and made for the delicate skins of our children.

Made in italy

Cosmetic Amenities

Italtrim developed almost 30 products dedicate to her and him for the hospitality market. Packaging eco-sustainable and products made in Italy. This line is unique in the hospitality market beside being the most complete.

Mission Image
Mission Image
it's all in the details

Leather Products

Leather and canvas a good combination for the creation of beautiful computer  and androids holders. Fine embroidery will give a special customize look to these beautiful creations.


Dry Amenities

A vast choice of products made with eco-sustainable materials.

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