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Italtrim designs and produces luxury products for the hospitality and fashion industry, for clients seeking custom made products of the highest quality.

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Founded in 1996 in New York City, Italtrim relocated its headquarters to Hong Kong in 2001. The company has since successfully expanded its services into the hospitality industry by supplying hotel chains.


Fashion & Packaging

Italtrim designs and produces luxury packaging and fashion accessories for clients seeking custom made products of the highest quality.

Fashion & Packaging

Italtrim designs and produces luxury packaging and fashion accessories for clients seeking custom made products of the highest quality.

Quality Excellence

Our team provides in depth research into the best raw materials for each client’s demands and skilful product design to suit any request.

Code of Conduct

Our factories comply with the Code of Conduct requested by major clients, as well as the International Labour Standard set by the International Labour Organisation and hope our clients share our same values and concerns.


Terra Mater is our brand that is driving the birth of tailor-made and unique products that are presented to customers through tailor-made creative exhibitions and presentations based on targeted briefings.

Sustainable Made-in-Italy raw materials

Organic & Recycled
Vegan Leather
Sustainable products


With skilled specialists and industrial know-how, Italtrim Medical offers a wide range of high quality medical products and supplies to international clienteles, from private companies to public institutions.


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Italtrim operates in different
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Asia, Middle East, Africa,
Europe, North American and Mexico.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Italtrim works ?

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Italtrim operates as an all-in-one packaging, hospitality product designing, and manufacturing company on a global scale. With a commitment to delivering the best innovative packaging and hospitality products, we offer a wide range of solutions to cater to various industries and client needs. Here's how Italtrim work,

1. Comprehensive Packaging Solutions: Italtrim specializes in creating comprehensive packaging solutions, including luxury, eco-friendly, gift, and custom packaging. We understand the importance of packaging in enhancing brand image and customer experience. Our team of designers combines creativity and functionality to develop packaging that captures the essence of the brand and stands out in the market. By offering a diverse range of packaging options, we ensure that our clients find the perfect solution for their specific requirements.

2. Hospitality Product Design and Manufacturing: In addition to packaging, Italtrim also excels in designing and manufacturing hospitality products. We understand the unique demands of the hospitality industry and create products that meet the highest standards of quality, style, and functionality. From hotel amenities to fashion accessories and even medical equipment, our team collaborates with clients to bring their vision to life. We utilize our expertise in product design, material selection, and manufacturing processes to deliver exceptional products that enhance the guest experience.

3. Global Reach and Worldwide Designs: Italtrim operates on a global scale, catering to clients worldwide. We understand the importance of staying updated with international design trends and market demands. Our team continuously researches and analyzes the latest design innovations to ensure that our products meet the expectations of clients across different regions. By combining our worldwide design expertise with a global reach, we offer customized solutions that resonate with diverse audiences.

4. Commitment to Sustainability: At Italtrim, we prioritize sustainability and eco-friendly practices. We strive to minimize our environmental footprint by utilizing eco-friendly materials, implementing efficient production processes, and promoting responsible sourcing. Our commitment to sustainability extends to our packaging solutions, hospitality products, and manufacturing practices, ensuring that we contribute positively to the planet.

Our focus on innovative packaging solutions, global reach, and commitment to sustainability sets us apart in the industry. By combining our expertise in luxury packaging, fashion accessories, hotel amenities, and medical equipment, we provide comprehensive solutions that meet the needs of our clients and contribute to their success.

How long has Italtrim been serving the hospitality industry? 

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Italtrim Group has been proudly serving the hospitality industry for over 27 years. Our extensive experience and expertise have positioned us as a trusted partner for leading hotels, resorts, and restaurants around the globe. With a deep understanding of the unique requirements and evolving trends within the hospitality sector, we are able to deliver tailored solutions that not only enhance the guest experience but also meet the industry's highest standards. Our track record of success and strong partnerships are a testament to our commitment to excellence in serving the hospitality industry.

What industries does Italtrim cater to?

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Italtrim is a versatile provider that caters to a wide range of industries, including hospitality, fashion, luxury brands, cosmetics, jewelry, watches, uniforms, gifts, and more. Our expertise extends beyond the hospitality industry to encompass various aspects of luxury packaging and fashion accessories. Additionally, Italtrim also specializes in supplying medical equipment.

Italtrim specializes in serving the hospitality industry with comprehensive solutions for hotels, resorts, and restaurants. We excel in designing stylish and functional interiors, including furniture, lighting, décor as well as uniforms that enhance the guest experience. Italtrim's deep understanding of hospitality trends ensures tailored solutions that meet high standards of comfort and aesthetics.

Additionally, Italtrim is renowned for their expertise in luxury packaging and fashion accessories. We create exquisite packaging designs for cosmetics, jewelry, watches, and other luxury brands, elevating the perceived value of products through meticulous craftsmanship.

Furthermore, Protection is paramount to us, and we offer a comprehensive selection of masks, personal protective equipment (PPE), and medical devices (MD). Our products are designed to be effective, safe, and reliable, providing the necessary safeguards for healthcare professionals and individuals alike.

With extensive experience across industries, Italtrim is a trusted partner for premium solutions that blend functionality, aesthetics, and superior craftsmanship.

How does Italtrim ensure quality excellence?

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Italtrim's team conducts in-depth research to identify the best raw materials for each client's requirements. They also focus on skilled product design to meet any specific requests. Their commitment to quality excellence ensures that clients receive products of the highest standards.

Can Italtrim customize products according to my brand's specifications?

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Yes, Italtrim specializes in providing custom-made solutions tailored to each client's brand and specifications. They work closely with their clients to understand their requirements and offer personalized design and manufacturing services to ensure the products align with the brand's identity and vision.

Does Italtrim offer sustainable packaging solutions?

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Yes, Italtrim offers sustainable packaging solutions. They are committed to promoting eco-friendly practices and offer a range of sustainable materials and options for their packaging products. Italtrim's sustainable packaging solutions help clients reduce their environmental impact while maintaining a high level of quality and aesthetics.

What sustainable materials does Italtrim offer?

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Italtrim offers a range of sustainable materials for their hospitality products. These include organic and recycled materials, plant-based materials, vegan leather, and plastic-free options. Their commitment to sustainability ensures eco-friendly choices for clients.

Can Italtrim handle large-scale production orders?

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Yes, Italtrim has the capabilities to handle large-scale production orders. They have extensive manufacturing facilities and a skilled workforce that can manage high-volume production while maintaining quality standards. Whether you require a small batch or a large production run, Italtrim can cater to your needs.

What is the lead time for Italtrim's products?

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The lead time for Italtrim's products varies depending on the complexity and quantity of the order. Typically, it ranges from 4 to 8 weeks. However, it's best to contact Italtrim directly to discuss specific lead time requirements for your project.

Can Italtrim ship products internationally?

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Yes, Italtrim can ship products internationally. They have experience in handling global logistics and can arrange shipments to various destinations worldwide. Italtrim works with reliable shipping partners to ensure safe and timely delivery of their products to international clients.

How can I request a quote from Italtrim?

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To request a quote from Italtrim, you can visit our official website at and fill out the contact form on the "Request a Quote" page. Provide detailed information about your project, including product specifications, quantity, and any specific requirements. Italtrim's sales team will then get in touch with you to discuss your project further.

Where does Italtrim operate?

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Italtrim operates in various regions around the world, including Asia, the Middle East, Africa, Europe, North America, and Mexico. They have a global presence and cater to clients worldwide.

How can I contact Italtrim?

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To get in touch with Italtrim, you can reach out to them via email at Alternatively, you can contact their Hong Kong headquarters at +852 2721 1444 or their Dubai office at +971 (0)433-67100.