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Sustainable Materials

Italtrim is at the forefront of innovative and sustainable solutions in the hospitality and packaging industry. In the rapidly changing landscape of modern hospitality, sustainability is no longer a trend but a necessity. Italtrim recognizes this significant change and positions itself as a leading-edge eco-friendly hotel products supplier. Our commitment to sustainability is woven into the very fabric of our product lines, providing eco-conscious solutions without sacrificing luxury and quality. From our plant-based selections to our vegan leather alternatives, we are reshaping the meaning of elegance and responsibility in the industry.

Italtrim's mission embraces both innovation and the aspiration for a more sustainable future. As a premier eco-friendly luxury hotel products and packaging supplier, our diverse portfolio aligns with the worldwide shift towards environmental care. Each collection is carefully designed to enrich the guest experience, symbolizing an unwavering dedication to beauty and sustainability. Partner with Italtrim, and allow us to provide you with an exceptional range of products that not only harmonize with nature but also signify contemporary elegance.


Leather Amenities

Redefine luxury with our exquisite vegan leather accessories. As an eco-friendly luxury hotel products and packaging supplier, we provide vegan leather trays, placemats, and cardholders that blend sophistication with sustainability. Make your guests feel at home with this alternative to traditional leather, reflecting both a luxurious atmosphere and environmental responsibility.

Organic BASED

Recycled Amenities

Showcasing a passion for nature and waste reduction, our organic and recycled products are curated with a dedication to quality and sustainability. Explore our offerings such as laundry bags, shoe bags, slippers, bathrobes, and more, all created from organic cotton. Italtrim stands as a sustainable products supplier that prioritizes both elegance and eco-friendliness.

Non-Plastic BASED

Plastic-Free Amenities

Stay ahead in the hospitality trends with our TerraMater collection, exclusively curated for hotels and resorts aiming to eliminate single-use plastics. From soaps, shampoos, hand wash to biodegradable toothbrushes, we offer an extensive range of plastic-free products. As an eco-friendly hotel products supplier, Italtrim ensures that your guests experience the pinnacle of luxury without compromising the environment.


Wooden Amenities

Embrace the beauty of nature with our extensive collection of plant-based materials. From bamboo to wood, we create an array of customized products that not only cater to your establishment's specific needs, but also enable you to excel as an eco-friendly products provider.

Our Plant-Based range includes combs, toothbrushes, trays, soap dispensers, hangers, and more. These products resonate with the journey towards environmental awareness and reflect a commitment to conscientious luxury.