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20 Years Of Italtrim

Celebrating 20 years of Italtrim

Italtrim Limited Hong Kong was founded and officially incorporated in Hong Kong on June 20th, 2001 and our first office was located on Granville Road, in Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon.

Italtrim was born to continue the work that "Italian Trimmings Limited" was carrying out in New York City from 1996, which had also been founded by Cristiano Galli Zugaro. Due to various factors, including the tragic events of September 11th 2001, Italtrim was completely relocated from New York City to Hong Kong.

Italtrim began as a company specialized in finding suppliers and producers of packaging and accessories for fashion brands. In 2003, during the outbreak of SARS, our offices moved from TST to Hong Kong Island, in the heart of Wan Chai.

20 years of Italtrim

Throughout the years, Italtrim managed to successfully diversify. Italtrim used its expertise in production and supply chain to enter the world of hospitality supplies, creating our very own sample line which quickly found success as an independent brand, otherwise known as TerraMater. In recent years, Italtrim entered the world of Medical supplies and assisted companies, governments and institutions worldwide with fighting Covid-19, which is now known as Italtrim Medical.

Italtrim operates around the world and maintains a global presence through its agents and clients. We recently upped our Social Media presence in order to further expand our reach.

After 20 years, Italtrim is still led by Cristiano Galli-Zugaro and Davide Furlan who joined the company in 2003.