Our 100% Italian Courtesy Lines

An overview of our courtesy lines based on premiere luxurious Italian destinations.

When brainstorming a new potential courtesy line, we wanted to go with something close to our Italian roots. We handpicked dozens of classic Italian destinations, and ended up with Taormina, Portofino, and Capri.

One from each portion of Italy: the north, center, and south. To compliment the fragrances based on these luxurious destinations, we went above and beyond with the packaging, in order to impress guests even more.

We then chose the signature fruit or fragrance from each location. Sicilian oranges, renowned around the world as the best oranges, Ligurian mandarins, and Limoncello, a classic from the area of Naples and Capri.

These courtesy lines are made in Italy by our trusted partner facilities. For more information, please contact us at info@italtrim.com !

Zagara d'Arancio di Taormina
Mandarino di Portofino
Limoncello di Capri