Cosmetics and Amenities

Explore our range of luxury cosmetics and amenities for the hospitality industry, made in Italy according to EU regulations.

Did You Know We Make the Best Luxury Cosmetics and Amenities for the Hospitality Industry?

Italtrim has become one of the major developers of customized cosmetic & toiletry products in the luxury hospitality market. We have developed more than 30 products for children, men, and women. Our entire range is made in Northern Italy in a unique facility staffed with skilled chemical and skincare professionals. We offer both wet and dry amenities.

Some our products, for which we also develop the custom fragrances:

Refreshing foot mist – Mosquito repellent (spray or roll on) – After sun Aloe vera – Sweet pillow mist – Anti snoring – Smoothing eye cream mask – Body scrub with customized scent – Bath oil mist – Sun face cream 50 SPF – Body cream 30 SPF – Nappy cream – Tooth paste tabs – Tooth paste – Mouth wash – Shaving foam – Intimate wash – Eye relaxing masks – make up remover wipes – Massage oil for kids and adults – Lip Balm – Face wash – Face and body mist – Hand sanitizer – After sun lotion – Bath salts – air diffusers – wet amenities – Wash mouth tabs – perfumes and cologne – hair gel – deodorant  and more.

If you are interested in any amenities, simply use the contact form on our website or email us at

All our products are made only with natural ingredients, tested and approved in accordance to the rules and laws of the EU. The study of the packaging and the design of the products is free of charge!