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Founded in 1996 in New York City, Italtrim relocated its headquarters to Hong Kong in 2001. Italtrim designs and produces luxury packaging and fashion accessories for clients seeking custom made products of the highest quality.

The company has since successfully expanded its services into the hospitality industry by supplying hotel chains. More information regarding Italtrim’s luxury hotel supply branch can be found at terramaterworld.com. At Italtrim we take great pride in our quality, efficiency and reliability. We set exceptionally high standards for all our products in order to supply clients with top quality products.

Our emphasis on quality is reflected by the standard of efficiency and efficacy to which our team operates. Our team provides in depth research into the best raw materials for each client’s demands and skilful product design to suit any request. We look to accommodate our client’s requests whilst exceling in our services.

Our factory in China complies with the Code of Conduct requested by major clients, as well as the International Labour Standard set by the International Labour Organisation and hope our clients share our same values and concerns. At Italtrim we are able to offer both high volume and low volume productions without requiring clients to order in large quantities from the start.


One of our services provides clients with a Production and Storage service (P&S) known as E- Procurement. P&S involves the production of goods followed by storage unless shipped immediately after production. Shortly before delivery, we issue reports concerning the quantity and the value of products in our storage to be sent to clients.

Many of our clients require orders to be delivered to their factories within a specific time frame. At Italtrim we prioritise timing and punctuality, guaranteeing orders which will always be delivered on time.

Product packaging and trims are primarily stored in our Hong Kong facility for fast and simple shipping to our clients.

Project management

Efficiency is at the root of all our operations. Our project management process allows us to handle complex operations involving the international distribution of large volumes of products around the world

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